Buy Bags Now & Save Later

Everything you need to know when it comes to traveling with your stuff. Haven’t purchased your bags yet? Not a problem! You can buy your carry-on and checked bags after your initial flight purchase. Remember that you can save a lot by purchasing your bags early.

Personal Item


Size: 14"H X 18"W X 8"D

Think purses, totes, computer bags, briefcases, diaper bags and kids backpacks

NOTE: Bag must be no larger than 14”X18”x8”.


Buy up to boarding! See Pricing

Size: 24"H X 16"W X 10"D and < 35lbs

Think large backpacks, small duffel bags, and small suitcases/wheeled bags

Included with the WORKS!℠

Carry-On & Board First

With our Board First option, you will get to board the plane before Zone 1. Just add the option when purchasing your carry-on bag! See pricing

Checked Bag

Buy up to 45 min before domestic (60 min international) flights!

Size: 62 linear inches and < 50lbs. Starting March 1, bags can be no heavier than 40 pounds

Think large duffel bags, large suitcases and sporting equipment

Included with the WORKS!℠

Need to Upgrade Your Bag Weight?

Plan on doing a little shopping on your trip? You can upgrade your checked bag weight from 41-50 lbs and 51-99 lbs on our website and mobile app

Click here for more pricing information

Purchase Bags Here

Have an existing trip and forgot to add your bags to your reservation? Don't worry you can still purchase bags. All you need is your last name and your confirmation code.

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